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Monday, April 26, 2010

TOS Review Super Star Speech

If I could do it all over again, I would grow up to be a Speech Pathologist. Two of my four kids have had speech and the other two would benefit from it.  Here in Maryland, once a child reaches school-age she must either attend public school to [continue to] receive speech services or 'graduate' from the program whether she's ready or not.  Of course you have the option to pay out of pocket for services not covered by your insurance, but that's not always financially feasible.

Deborah Lott is a homeschool mom and a speech pathologist. She recognized that regular folk could benefit from having speech therapy materials to use at home so she wrote Super Star Speech.  Ella made amazing progress with her speech teacher so when the county booted her from their program when she began homeschool kindergarten, I wasn't worried about her continued progress. What I was sad about was losing the weekly access to her speech therapist to get ideas for Hank.

He has had ear and adenoid issues practically since birth which resulted in diminished hearing for a while- we're not sure for how long because his original ENT wasn't very good, but that's a post for another day. He was also missing his two front teeth for nearly 3 years which definitely impacted how he articulates certain letter sounds.

I emailed Deborah the ridiculous speech and hearing-related details of Hank's first 7 years, and she very kindly gave me suggestions on which of her products would best serve Hank- Super Star Speech and Super Star Ch, J and Th. I downloaded and printed my books and got started. I found the articulation test very easy to do and Hank happily complied.

Deborah outlines simple steps to get you started but doesn't give specific lesson plans because each child's needs and progress will be very different. We began with the lesson on "F" and "V" which begins with an explanation of how the sound is formed with your teeth and lips as well as how it is vocalized. I found this really helpful because I've never thought about the mechanics of saying the letter "V"; I just said it

So for our little speech class I sat all three of my younger kids down and explained how the sound was made and practiced it a number of times. Then we worked our way through the word list practicing each sound and word a few times. Shane checked out early in our sessions, but Ella and Hank enjoyed doing it together.

I have seen a noticeable difference in Hank's speech and because we were working through a curriculum,  I am more aware of how he is speaking instead of just interpretting for him.

I have been very pleased with Super Star Speech and recommend it if your child has articulation difficulties.

You can buy a hard copy of Super Star Speech for $22.95(notebook) or $18.95 (spiral bound) or you can buy an electronic copy from Currclick for only $12.95.

Super Star Ch, J, and Th is available in electronic format only for just $12.95.

Be sure to read reviews written by other TOS Crew members.

*I received this product for free so that I may give my opinion of it. No other compensation was received.

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