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Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Shane moment

Our chickens love to come into the front yard and have even been so bold (dumb?) as to sit on the road in front of the house. It wouldn't be a big deal if they didn't scratch up and kill my flowers and poop on the front porch. There are some things that I just draw the line at.

The kids are my look outs and they start yelling 'chicken alert!' when the chickens are in the front yard. I open the front door and off they go chasing the chickens into the back yard - sort of like releasing the hounds.

Our rooster is a tough guy who stands up for his girls.  He puffs his feathers and flaps his wings when the little kids chase him. Hank doesn't worry about him, but it scares Ella and Shane.  So yesterday evening the kids and I were running around the yard playing when the chickens came out front.

The rooster got a little agitated and started getting puffy while I was shooing him around a tree. Poor little Shane tried to climb a tree and fell out of it about a foot off the ground. Even worse he fell on the downhill side so he hit the grass pretty hard.

He cried really hard and  very loudly for a while and finally settled down, but he held his arm most of the night and today so we took him to see our favorite orthopedist... who remembered him from the last time she saw him.

He has a buckle fracture in his wrist so he's sporting a cast for the next four weeks...
I don't think it's going to slow him down one bit.

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