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Thursday, April 01, 2010

TOS Review Family Mint

Managing money is a crucial life skill that is often overlooked in favor of other more pressing academic needs. The creators of Family Mint recognized the need for an affordable, easy to use tool for parents to teach their children how to manage their money.

Family Mint is more than affordable, it's a free online website you can use to help your children set goals for savings and introduce responsible fiscal habits at an early age.
Your child can log into his own account to set and track goals. As a parent you can monitor your children's accounts, set interest rates and make deposits into their accounts.  The graphics are simple and the menu is easy to navigate.

Use Family Mint to track your child's actual allowance and savings or as part of a virtual lesson. Either way, be sure to check out Family Mint and give it a try.

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*I received this product for free so that I may offer my opinion of it. No other compensation was received.

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