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Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mice and Snakes- 2 of my favorite things

Anyone who knows me knows I completely dislike snakes. I can hardly say 'snakes' without shuddering.  In fact each time I've typed snakes, I got the chills.

Jake and I took the baby chickens' brooder out to the compost pile so we could empty it. I'm skipping along, minding my beewax when Jake says, "Look mom, there's a snake." I dropped my end of the brooder, screamed and wet my pants in about a mili-second.  I hadn't even seen the snake at that point. Pathetic, I know. I recovered and was once again grateful that we don't live in a neighborhood- no need to have witnesses to this lunacy we call our life. :)

Later this afternoon I was sitting at my computer when Ella and Hank came running in yelling something about a mouse and chickens.  I head out wondering if I'll have the guts to kill the mouse or if I'll scream and wet myself again.

It was under the box we set the feeder on to keep it off the floor and minimize the amount of hay and poop that get into it.  I got a stick and slowly raised the edge of the box, and there it was just looking at me. It didn't run which I thought was weird so I worried about being attacked by a rabid mouse. Those fears were quelled when it started to walk away, and I saw that she was having babies. There were about 4 other babies in the nest she had built so I lowered the box so she wouldn't abandon them.

I called Bill who said we should just leave her for now...besides they'll probably all be eaten by a snake or an owl. Lovely.Thanks for the reality check bebe.

Of course we had to get a picture of her. The babies are under her and they are teeny, tiny with no hair and their eyes closed. Almost cute for such a skeery varmit.

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