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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Preparing for Easter

Easter is my favorite holiday of the year. It's full of such wonderful promises!
It arrives at the beginning of spring just as the earth is awakening from it's winter sleep. Flowers are blooming. Birds are returning and full of song. Baby chicks arrive at the feed store (or begin hatching for you brave moms).

It is also the promise of our Risen Savior redeeming us from our sin, and this promise is the most important thing that I can teach my children.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll do a series of posts of the stations of the Cross that I put together last year.

Last year we worked on learning Up From the Grave He Arose! and Christ the Lord is Risen Today from "Passion Hymns For A Kid's Heart," and this year I think we'll continue with Christ the Lord is Risen Today and add What Can Wash Away My Sin?

We'll also do some fun Easter crafts from The Crafty Crow as well as make Resurrection Cookies and go through our Resurrection Eggs.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has some free giveaways that I think you'll enjoy. The first is "The Real Easter Story" WeeBook. It begins with, well, The Real Easter Story out of the book of Matthew. The last pages are FULL of writing prompts, discussion questions, a short quiz, Resurrection cookies recipe and more. I think you'll enjoy it.

They've also put together a Copy Book with the verses of the Easter story. With two left-handed early writers, I love copy work. They need lots of practice and I would much prefer they write something meaningful- like Scripture! The first half is Manuscript which is followed by Cursive. Each page also has a small area for your kids to illustrate the verse.

Best of all - both of these wonderful resources are FREE!
I hope you can join us as we prepare for Easter.

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