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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fit Mama Check-In

My Fit Mama check-ins are part of a meme started by my friend Denise as a way for other moms to encourage each other as we work towards our fitness and nutritional goals. You can read my first post here which explains how I got started. Go to Denise's blog if you'd like to join us. We're very nice people so I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to hang out with us.

What a week! Sunday we went to Dee Dee's to celebrate Shane and Jenny's birthday which meant eating way more than I should.  Got home late, woke up late Monday, and the rest of my week just kind of followed suit.

I wasn't as consistent with logging my food on SparkPeople and whoopsie if I didn't eat more than I should. I guess I still need that accountability! So I'm back at it.

I was crazy busy all week with this and that so I didn't run until Thursday. I did an easy 5 miles averaging 10:15 minute miles. I realized just yesterday that I need to start doing speed work to increase my speed- duh moment for me, obvious to all of you though, I'm sure!  My challenge is just finding time to get it all done. School is over for us in early June so I plan to be a little more structured with my workouts then. I can develop the habit over the summer and hit the ground running (ha! ha!) when school starts again in the fall.

I did some leg work on Monday. Just lunges and squats. I am also back to doing sit ups and push ups once a day.  I currently have a 'dunlop' waistline. It 'dun lopped' over my belt. lol! And I'd like for it to behave and become nice and firm so it doesn't lop over anymore.

Wednesday and Friday are co-op days and I'm lucky to get a shower those days much less squeeze in a workout.  I was scheduled to run 9 miles for today, but the way my loop is mapped out with my starting and stopping point it was easier to run 9.5.

I'm experimenting with refueling on longer runs so I pinned a bag of sport beans to the inside waistband of my shorts- no pockets...I can't believe I bought shorts with no pockets! After about 4 steps the bag was wearing a hole in my leg so I had to tuck it into my underwear waistband to hold it in place. Don't get weird on me now; it was at my hip. And I mention this because someone else out there might be struggling with the very same issue, and I could have just saved some poor soul the pain of her sport beans wearing a raw spot on her upper leg.

This route takes me up my favorite (insert sarcastic look here) hill, Big Bertha. To get in my miles I would need to run two loops which means I'd have scale Bertha not once but twice. groan  Running is as much a mental exercise as it is physical so I was a little worried I would completely flake out on my second loop and have to call Bill to come get me as I sat on the side of the road sucking my thumb and whimpering about Big Bertha meany pants.

I'm happy to report that didn't happen. In fact I felt really good the whole run. I had to stop and walk at mile 4 to eat my jelly beans, and I had to step off the road a few times to let cars pass. But I ran a steady, consistent pace (10:44) the whole time and was able to finish with a little kick. 

My half marathon is May 2nd and I'm finally starting to feel like I could actually do it and not embarrass myself by keeling over.  This was a great way to end the week. :)

Be sure to head over to Denise's blog and see what the other Fit Moms have been doing this week!

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