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Friday, December 04, 2009

Kris Kringle Parade

Mr and Mrs P invited us to tag along with them to watch the Kris Kringle parade in downtown Frederick- truth be told, I emailed Mrs P and invited us, but she said yes. :)

Hanging out in front of the Civil War museum waiting for the parade to begin.

Peeking around the people next to us to see what's coming next

Jack Frost and some cute little snow fairies

Ella holding all of her loot. In years past, they've only passed out candy (bummer for Shane because it almost always has corn or wheat or dairy). This year they handed out a bunch of pencils which was fun.

Ella scooting onto the street to pick up some candy

Kris Kringle

After the parade we headed down to the Frederick Coffee Company for cocoa and coffee. Unfortunately, I didn't plan well and the kids were starving and pretty much fell apart. So we left early to spare the other patrons my misery.
It was still fun to see Mr and Mrs P, and we had a great time at the parade.

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