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Monday, November 30, 2009

TOS Review Professor In A Box Financial Accounting

I took a basic accounting class in high school, and it was enough to convince me that I would not grow up to be an accountant. I think it's just as important to discover what you *don't* want to do as it is what you do want to do so I was happy that the latest TOS Crew review product to come our way, Professor In A Box Financial Accounting, has helped Jake with that. :)

Michael Licata, Ph.D. is a homeschool dad as well as an Associate Professor in the Department of Accountancy at Villanova University, and he created Professor in a Box for homeschoolers who may not otherwise take accounting in high school. Though I think this course would benefit anyone who would like to take a first course in accounting such as someone who is self employed.
This course is unique because there's no textbook. Lectures, Practice Problems, and Solutions for the 12 chapters are on three CDs. The lectures are on narrated slides that are easy to navigate. Your student can advance through them or replay them as necessary. Dr. Licata narrates the slides; he speaks clearly and is easy to understand.

The Instructor CD contains:
* an introduction from Dr Licata;
* the course syllabus and learning objectives by chapter;
* detailed lesson plans for a traditional eight week schoolyear track or a shortened 'summer school' nine week track;
* MicroSoft Excel spreadsheet templates for the practice problems; and
* exams, solutions, and a grading guide

The traditional schoolyear is scheduled in such a way that the student can do one lesson per week. Each lesson should take approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. The shorter schedule requires the student to do 3 lessons per week. You can view the syllabus here, and you can click here to watch a sample lesson.

An added benefit is that this course provides coverage of the content necessary to prepare for the new CLEP Financial Accounting exam.

Additionally, because there are no workbooks, the course is reuseable for multiple students.

So what did Jake think of it? Well, it's math, and I made him do it. ;) Seriously, though not his favorite subject, he said it was very easy to get started and find your way through the material. He also said he enjoyed Dr Licata's lecture style. I listened to two of the lectures and would agree. I found him interesting to listen to and the lecture slides were very easy to work through. The spreadsheets were straightforward, and even I was able to do the work.

I think this is a great product particularly if you have a high schooler interested in CLEP'ing Financial Accounting. Get on over to Professor In A Box, and check it out!

Click here to purchase Professor In A Box; they are running a summer special right now for $134.99 and FREE priority shipping. They also offer a money back guarantee so if you're not satisfied, you can return it, and they'll even pay the shipping.

Each box contains:
*a booklet containing the course syllabus and learning objectives by chapter;
* one instructor CD;
* three instructional CDs;
* a pencil; and
* a calculator

Be sure to click here to see what other TOS Crew members say about it.

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