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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FIAR Lapbook for Ferdinand

So this is the lapbook I put together for our Wednesday morning preK-1st graders. They meet just once each week for 2 hours so I need to keep it fairly simple.

I also want the folder to fit in the kids' binders in such a way that they can open the folder and all its elements while it's in the 3-ring binder.

I found most everything for the lapbook at ABC Teach, Enchanted Learning, and Homeschool Share.

The front cover because Ferdinand loves to sit and smell the flowers
It lifts up and the kids drew a picture of Ferdinand sitting under the tree. Ella added a swing because all trees need swings.

Clockwise starting at the flag of Spain, we have the flag of Spain. Next is a mini book to count to five in Spanish, a pocket to hold flashcards of animals with their names in both Spanish and English, and then some colors in Spanish. Next to that is art illustrating distance and perspective. The kids drew a road from the Spanish market, to Ferdinand's tree and then to the castle on the hill. The drawings got progressively smaller to show that they were farther away.

Close up of the animal flashcards

On the back is a color by number in Spanish to reinforce what they learned

Simple and fun!

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