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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Schoolroom Makeover

A current topic at the TOS Crew member site is schoolrooms. Do you have one? Or does your family just gather around the dining room table or on the living room couch? If you have a dedicated 'schooling' space, what does it look like?

Our house is older with a lot of strangely laid out rooms so I've moved our schoolroom from room to room over the years. Last year, it was in the front room. I really, really loved doing school in that room. It has a large window out to the front yard and a door to the outside just around the corner. But - there just wasn't enough space in it for 4 kids, 1 mom and 2 dogs.

Jake's desk

Ella and Hank's desks

And my bookshelves...I also needed more room for more books. Soooo

...I moved it all to the basement.
My and Jake's desks and half the bookshelves
Shane, Ella and Hank's desks and the other half of the bookshelves (and I still could use at least 1 more!). I wanted to be able to have a dedicated art area for Ella as well as a place to put science and geography stuff-that's the table on the left.
Hallway to the rest of the basement. I have timelines and some preschool posters on these walls
Maybe next summer I'll get around to painting the basement...or not. :)

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Sheri said...

That is a great room! Nice and big! Thanks for sharing-and yes, can one ever have enough book shelves? I swear I could open my own library! LOL.

FM Sheri


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