You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I signed up Hank to run his second 1 mile race and me to run my second 5k this past Saturday. Some friends of ours also signed up for the same race so that added to the fun.

Our friends' 9 y/o son and a friend of his also ran the 5K. Once Hank realized they weren't running the 1 mile, he really wanted to run the 5k. It took some convincing that he would need to train in advance and couldn't just hop on the course and take off. :)

So Shane ran around while waiting for Hank's race to begin
And Ella stood around looking mighty cute

while Hank and I walked around to warm up a little. It was chilly Saturday morning!

Here's my little super star running to the finish line

I have to brag on my boy a little. He finished 3rd overall by running a 9:10. I don't run that fast...granted I'm a slow runner, but that's a pretty good pace for a beginner 7 y/o

The boys waited patiently for the 5k runners to finish

Hank and mommy

The kids and I just mapped out our training course. Our road is narrow and winding so we're limited as to where we can run near home. We were able to map out a safe, 2.7 mile course so training begins tomorrow. Poor Jake thought he was off the hook because Bible Quizzers is on Saturdays. But I have his Bible Quizzers schedule on the calendar now, and he has no choice but run with us. He'll thank me for it one day. :)

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