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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Harpers Ferry Wetlands Field Trip

The Rangers at Harpers Ferry invited us to take part in their pilot program about Wetlands. It's nearby, very fun outdoor stuff and best of all- Free!

The rangers explained the importance of the wetlands to Native Americans and early settlers. and they talked a bit about different creatures you'll find in a wetland area.

First, the kids took different materials from the wetland area and tested them in pans of water to see what would float. Easy enough.

Then they got to gather materials and make boats. Very cool. My sweetie girl made a flower boat. The ranger did help her with the tying part. I had Shane with me so I didn't get to really help Hank or Ella with their creations.

Then they scooped up some water and looked at it under magnifying glasses and microscopes to see what lived in the water. Then they had to look it up in a field guide, draw their own illustration and write a sentence or two about what they saw.

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