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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The bird

Jake, Hank and Ella are bird watchers in training and they're pretty good at spotting and identifying different birds.

Hank's favorite bird is the Cardinal. I suspect that is in part because they're pretty easy to spot.

We came home from church today to find a female cardinal lying dead on the table on the porch. The table is under a big window so the bird probably flew into the window and it killed her.

I didn't want to miss the opportunity for the kids to inspect her up close so I got a paper plate and brought her inside. I couldn't find any plastic gloves so we used baggies. Hank was pretty upset that there was a dad cardinal who didn't have a wife anymore. Ella was very interested in her and closely inspected her. We spread out her wings, looked at the downy feathers on her tummy and tried to open her beak (we couldn't budge it).

Then we had a bird funeral. She's buried near Mango the cat and Clark and Telly the rats.

Daddy and Jake were good sports, paused the football game, and came out to dig a hole for us.

And then Ella and Hank shared a few words about how beautiful she was and they thanked God that we have more Cardinals in our yard to look at. I was really pleased (amazed!) to capture all three of them with their heads bowed. They were very serious and somber about it.

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