You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Side Trips andAdventures

I have come to learn that what you grow up with is what you think is normal (usually). Growing up, we took car trips- lots of them. Sometimes we went where we were planning to go, and sometimes we took a left turn to follow a sign for someplace that looked more interesting. I really thought everyone did this.

A month or so ago the kids and I were humming along Rt 32 and saw a sign for the National Cryptological Museum. We had some extra time so why not? It turned out to be free (woot!) and actually pretty fun for the older boys. So I was sharing this nugget with the moms at co-op as a potential field trip, and they paused and looked at me strangely. Ok, so not everyone does this.

But we do! Coming home from Boyds/Gettysburg I saw a hand written sign "Free Used Christmas Decorations. Follow the bows." So I did.

We drove up to a tractor trailer with boxes of all sorts of cool things inside - roping, bows, ornaments, they looked like old mall decorations. Outside the trailer though....were these enormous vine wreaths. I drooled! And I was so glad we were in the truck. Jake and I hefted one of those babies into the back and drove slowly home. People passed us slowly and stared. I didn't understand why? Don't *you* have a wreath this big?
Now I just need to convince Bill that it's perfect and our Christmas decorations won't be complete without it. :)

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