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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And finally

Thankfully his office was a short walk from the building museum, but then we had to wait for daddy to finish what he was working on.

They do have some cool statues in the lobby so the kids endured a short history lesson about Frederick Douglass and Pierre L'Enfant.

They also have 2 elephants and a donkey that are painted. Ella wanted her picture next to the elephant with flowers all over it.

Finally Daddy was finished and we could 'ride the train' (Metro) which completely made Shane's day.
So let's see
White House Visitor's Center
National Christmas Tree
WWII Memorial
American History Museum-short stop
Native American Museum
Botanical Garden
Union Station
Law Enforcement Memorial
National Building Museum
I have to brag on my kids; they did an outstanding job all things considered. Hank walked nearly the entire time with minimal complaint (if you know him, then you know this is amazing!).
We had just one episode of them scattering (in the NA museum), and I almost keeled over from that. But for the most part they stayed close and listened.
I'm already planning our next visit, but I'll wait until it's a little warmer and not a holiday!

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