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Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Field Trip to Harpers Ferry

Yesterday we went to Harpers Ferry for a Ranger-led tour. We ride our bikes to Harpers Ferry pretty often but we've never done a real tour. The weather was misty so they held our program inside. It was Journey to Freedom...the kids followed footsteps through the building to find different suitcases, haversacks, etc. They emptied the contents and looked at it all to figure out who the stuff belonged to and the ranger told them the story of the person.
They had to wear special glasses that would help them see back in time to find the bags. Hey, the kids thought it was cool. And I think Hank is stinkin' cute here.
Shane, as always, made his presense known.
Then we went outside for a short hike. We walked across the bridge to Maryland and the Ranger told us about the huge stone blocks used to create the bridge footings and how each mason marked his because they were paid per stone.

We ate our lunch, checked out the bookstore and rode the shuttle back to the visitor's center. All in all a very fun day!

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