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Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, September 12, 2008

Field Trip to Frederick

Seems kind of silly to take a field trip to the area you already live in but we live smack dab in the middle of some very cool historical stuff. We took a walking tour of downtown Frederick and then headed to a local park so we could read Rapunzel and then act it.

The kids did an amazing job. We walked around Frederick for an hour, then we had to tour a museum with a guide who has probably spent very little time with little kids and then finally ate lunch. No meltdowns, not even Shane, and the weather couldn't have been more gorgeous.

And the pictures are definitely out of if you expected anything else. :-P

Walking tour...this bridge mural is handpainted. I forget the term but the style of painting is a French phrase that translates to Trick of the Eye. The ivy is totally looks real, even standing there, we had to look again. The stones have hidden pictures painted in them...the fair, a farm scene, a blue crab...all kinds of very cool stuff.

Can you guess the dog's name?
Ella's friend found a ladybug larvae while we were waitingfor everyone to arrive.

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