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Monday, June 09, 2008

Grad-ur-ation Ceremony

Grad-ur-ation is how Hank pronounces Graduation. So it goes....Jake advances to 11th grade, Hank to 1st and Ella...I'm still up in the air with her.

She doesn't turn 5 until November so technically she isn't required to attend Kindergarten. Oh she's smart enough to do it...she could have this year....her mom is just really lazy and isn't so sure about having a K, 1, 11 class next year. :p

I made little mortar boards for the little kids, even Shane, and certificates for the 3 scholars. The principal interviewed each child about their school experience.

Daddy - What did you like best about school this year?
Hank - Graduration
Daddy - Really? Why is that?
Hank - It means school is over and I get to play.

Oy! It couldn't have been that bad! Could it??

Ella's highlight was doing crafts and artwork. She really does love to draw and she's getting pretty good at it.

Jake's highlight was passing Chemistry. Believe me, that was a highlight for me as well! I was *not* looking forward to a summer of Geometry AND Chemistry. I mean really now! The teacher needs summer vacation just as much (maybe more!) than the students do.
Now we're signed up for the reading club at the library and are looking forward to some lazy reading and other fun.

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