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Monday, June 09, 2008

The Bird

This is one of the front yard birds

Note the poop on the side of the truck. I see a recurring theme for this season of my life.

This is the back yard bird, taken through the screen so it's not a great picture.

Cardinals are territorial. Cardinals are not smart. Not a good combination. We have 2 Cardinals out front who battle each other at the feeder periodically. Then they attack a 3rd Cardinal who lives in the reflection of our truck windows. They will spend *hours* flapping their wings and pecking at their own reflections. Very interesting.

Now in our back yard, we have what looks to be a young male Cardinal who is quite angry that another young male Cardinal is trying to move in on his territory. This newcomer lives in the reflection of our kitchen window. Fortunately for this guy, he can just stand on the ledge and attack the usurper. It's not as tiring as flying and flapping. Plus he can retreat to the deck rail for a rest every now and then. We're really enjoying our little bird study. I think it's something we'll continue as a hobby even once school starts again and we begin a real science curriculum.

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