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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Broomes Island Adventure

I'm way behind in posting so hold on to your hat...
I took the kids to Broomes Island last week to spend some time relaxing on the beach....which is crazy because there's just no relaxing when you have Shane with you. The kids were all pretty good considering we were in new surroundings and our schedule was off. We stayed at Aunt Sally's house because it's one story. The big house has really steep stairs which make me a nervous wreck with Shane, but Aunt Sally's is closer to the water so we had to barricade the two front doors so if he escaped I would have a couple of extra seconds to catch him.

The first couple of days it was too cold to swim so I had to find things for them to do. Aunt Sue gave us some great ideas so off we went! I have to add that nothing is in order...I'm on the laptop using the "scratch pad" instead of a real mouse so WYSIWYG. :)

We went to Jefferson Patterson Park which is not far from the house. We saw a bald eagle which was really cool. We played at 2 different beaches and decided we liked the first beach (below) better.

Sitting at one of the overlooks enjoying the incredible view..well, I was enjoying the view; they were sitting there only because I told them to. ;)

The area was originally inhabited by indians (I forget which ones) and they have a little village set up that you can walk through. Pretty cool.
Hank inside one of the huts
Ella and Hank in front of a deer skin where it looks like they skinned the deer and had a fire pit and oyster shucking area
Shane with his surival whistle. I honestly wonder about myself sometimes. What knucklehead buys 3 kids whistles?? They were pretty cool though...they had a whistle on one end, a compass on the other, that end screwed off and there was a watertight compartment for matches and a reflecting mirror in the cap. Everything you need to be found...of course as loud as Ella and Shane are, they need only to yell and the whole world will know right where they are!
This wall surrounded the village. They used this kind of single file entrance because it could be protected by only one guard. Pretty smart.

Standing on a split rail fence with their sticks. Everywhere we go, they gravitate to sticks and tote them around the entire time...unless of course they hand them to me for safekeeping while they explore.

The beach was nice. They have stone breakers to help with the erosion problem and they created a nice little lagoon-type area. Shane jumped right in and got his shorts wet so he spent the rest of the day in his diaper.

IIRC this is the site of the servant's quarters for the first family that settled the farm.

This was a really cool park and it's great because it's kind of price. The visitor's center has a video about the area and the man that established it as farm for experimenting with crops and cattle. They also have a great hands on discovery room filled with colonial era activities. We just finished that time period in homeschool so Hank and Jake knew quite a bit about the games, etc. All in all....two thumbs up!

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