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Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just stuff

They say so many funny things in the course of the day. I'm going to try to post the gems if for no other reason than to help me remember them.

We were sitting at the kitchen table coloring, cutting and pasting when Hank looked very serious.
"Momma, I'm going to ride the schoolbus because I'm getting big."
"Really sweetie? Don't you want to go to homeschool like Jakie?"
He looked at me like I was a bit thick. "Momma, you're coming with me, doncha know!"

Hank has also decided to marry me. It works out I suppose. Ella has declared, "When I get big, I marry Daddy." It's very sweet, but we may have problems if Shane also wants to marry me. :)

May 16
Hank and I are now going to go to college together, and we'll live in the same room. We have to finish our chores and then we can go. Jake can't go to college because he hasn't finished his chores yet. Poor Jake.

May 18
Ella and Hank have recently shown a desire to pray at each meal (usually it's momma or daddy). Ella usually tries to mimic whatever Hank says which is funny enough.
Tonight Hank said, "Thank you, Jesus. Help us care for our food and not have any awky (yucky) food. Help us have good food - chips, soda and french fries. Help us be good."
So Ella followed, "Thank you Jesus. Help us have good food but not fries. Amen."

May 31
Ella and Hank have been squabbling quite a bit lately. Since he's twice her size, I really emphasize that as a boy, he needs to care for and love his sister. I reminded him that she is a gift from God to him. Fastforward to yesterday on the way home from Carol's. Ella was in rare form pushing all of his buttons. He turned in his carseat and said very seriously, "Ella, I am a gift and you should be nice to me." And then turned to look out the windown until she fell asleep.

At DeeDee's on May 29
I trimmed Ella's bangs after church Sunday and that night we headed to DeeDee's house. Tuesday, the boys stayed with Carol and I took Ella to an all day dr's appt. We returned to find that Carol had pinned Hank down and trimmed his very long bangs. Ella commented on his new doo and was jealous because she wanted a haircut, too. Hank, not wanting to share the spotlight (or his DeeDee for that matter) crossed his arms and said, "DeeDee can't do it. Mommy already trimmed your BRAINS. hmph!"

July 9
We were swinging today and Hank said, "I love to swing, Momma. I can see the top of the whole world!" Such a happy guy. :)

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