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Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas 06

Wow. I haven't updated in a while. Sorry about that. We had the plague make a few rounds through the house. Something about 4 sick kids throws a wrench into your schedule.

Here are some shots from Christmas. As always email me if you need the password.

Our new church had its first Christmas service the morning of the 24th. It was very well attended. I'm glad we're here. Frederick county seemed to have been waiting for us, and it is exciting to see it all unfold.

Christmas Eve we went to Bill, Sr's house to eat and hang out with aunts and uncles we don't get to see nearly enough. We forgot the camera so there are no pictures, sorry.

We spent Christmas morning at home taking it easy. The little ones were tired from the day before so we slowly opened gifts and layed around.

We headed to DeeDee's house that afternoon. Hank seemed a little out of sorts and we figured he was tired. When we got there, we realized he had a pever, as he would say. He lay on the couch next to Grandpa Frank during the gift frenzy. We didn't realize how bad he felt until he almost threw up on Frank's lap. oops! So we spent the rest of the evening running to the bathroom so Hank could be sick. Poor little guy.

We all spent Tuesday taking it easy and thankfully none of the other kids got sick. It really was a great Christmas and we enjoyed spending time with our family.

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