You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, December 11, 2006

He's crawling on all fours!

Oh dear... Shane is now crawling on all fours. He was either rolling or doing a commando crawl to get around.

crawls....pulls self to standing...can go from tummy to sitting up...Sounds like a recipe for busy toddlerhood!

This little one also has quite the temper. He's a head banger if he doesn't get his way. He'll also kick his feet and scream *really* loud if you tell him no.

I thought when a kid was the youngest of several, they were supposed to be mellow and laid-back. I think Shane missed that class at baby university!

I'll try to get photographic evidence of his latest feat....kind of like stalking Big Foot or something. :)

oh my! I just turned around to see him hiking his chubby leg up to climb onto the train table...I'm having palpitations! This one may be my undoing! Thankfully he's too short, his legs are too chubby, and he's not strong enough to stand on one foot for any length of time!

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