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Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Diary of a Bad Cat

Note: I didn't take any photos of this event because it all happened before I had my coffee so you're stuck with what I could find online.

Slater is Shane's cat (so he thinks - she prefers to think of herself as a free agent). And she is mischief to infinity.

We have cleaned up many, many murdered toilet paper rolls

But her latest adventure has taken her to a new low.

Bill's dog is old and poops in the house more often than I would like. So when I stepped into the hallway at 6:15 this morning and saw 2 brown masses, I immediately turned back to Bill, "your dog crapped in the hall again," and kept walking.

He came out to me holding one of the brown masses in his hand (ewwww!) and said I owed Blu an apology because Slater was the criminal this time.

It would seem Shane's little princess somehow snagged the driftwood from the fishbowl and dragged it from the boys' room to the hallway. She then grabbed the FISH (a plecostomus) and dragged him to the hallway.

The fish was still alive so Bill dumped both back into the bowl and we got a good laugh out of it. While Bill was in the shower, she did it AGAIN. This time dumping water all over the dresser. The fish survived again and wee have moved his bowl to the kitchen where we can better protect him.

She's a wily one, that Slater...

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