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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Snowy Trail Run

These days I'm following Higdon's Half Marathon training plan with a focus on strength training, cross training and my long runs. So if my mid-week run can't happen, I don't sweat it and just do some strength training or yoga instead... and a lot of my mid week runs end up on the treadmill.

That means I really, really look forward to the weekend when I can get outside and run. And for a Texas girl who *hates* the cold, I am surprisingly willing to run in just about any kind of weather!

Our schedule yesterday was a little crazy so I had to wait until after 3 to run. I dropped everyone where they needed to be and hustled up to the AT trailhead near our house. Just as I backed into the parking spot, little flakes of snow starting falling.

It was really quite peaceful and beautiful. I usually like running with friends but was happy to be alone so I could take my time and just enjoy the scenery.

Footing was dicey in a few areas, especially on the inclines/declines. Water had collected on some of them so they were like little ice covered creeks. I was quite surprised to see 5 hikers and a dog over the course of my run.

It started snowing a little heavier so I debated cutting my run short and just doing 5 1/2- 6 miles. I'm glad I pressed on for the whole 7.

I'm still figuring out cold weather clothes. It was 26 degrees with no wind and a light snow.

I had on:
~ New Balance 1010's: a little light weight but my Newtons are close to death
~ My dad's diabetic compression socks (so comfy!), and a pair of wicking socks: my feet were warm and dry at the end
~ Running tights and wind pants: warm, comfy lower half
~ UA turtleneck, short sleeve running shirt, thicker long sleeve running shirt and light fleece: I could have done without the short sleeve shirt and maybe added just sleeves since my arms got cold but my core was a little too warm
~ Woolband: it's ugly as all get out but it keeps my ears warm
~ 2 pair of gloves: I need to get new ones because wearing 2 pair makes it hard to do anything with my take pictures!

It was a great run but I am very happy the Groundhog predicted an early spring because I can't wait to run in the sunshine again!

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