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Saturday, October 06, 2012

A hair story

My hair is naturally curly which is fun, especially if you like random strangers touching your hair and telling you how much they hate you because you have such "beautiful" hair. If they only knew...
I'm a wash and wear kind of girl and a ponytail is my standard hairdo and has been for years. There have been people I've known for a while who have seen me with my hair down for the first time and had no idea my hair was (1) so curly and (2) so long because I almost always have it up.
taken last winter. kind of a long braid there

Every now and then, like maybe for our anniversary if we're going somewhere fancy (I don't have to order at a counter), I'll straighten my hair.

But I get tons of compliments. I actually used to perm my hair straight but got too lazy - and too cheap - to maintain it.

Being the low-maintainence-broad [Bill's words] that I am, I rarely get my hair cut. The problem with not cutting your hair is that it keeps growing so I found myself having to get creative with my ponytail to keep it off my neck and out of my face for running.

And if I didn't anchor it all just right, it would start bouncing around swishing sweat [nice!] and making my head hurt from all the tugging at the back of my head.

So I woke up one morning, declared, "today is the day!" and made an appointment to get it cut. Not just any cut though. I figured I might as well go big or go home and donate* a decent amount...I have plenty to spare right!?

I found this picture and thought that hair style would look mighty cute on my head.
Something happens to a hairstylist when you tell her you want to cut off 10 inches of hair. She gets giddy and excited and loses track of what you're saying...or she can't hear what you're saying because she's giggling with glee
So 10inches TOTAL became a 12 inch BRAID
And you end up with some seriously short hair 

And you look a little scraggly after just 4 humid miles

But - it's just hair and it will grow back. And hopefully my weird, curly hair will make a nice wig for a little kid who has lost his/her hair due to illness or burns.

*I haven't mailed it yet, but I'll send it to Children With Hair Loss. Ella has donated hair to them in the past, just a couple of months ago actually. We like this organization because their minimum is just 8 inches and -very importantly - they provide their wigs to children free of charge.

And I should mention that my haircut was free because I am donating it. I'm guessing not all salons do this, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

And I should also mention that I went to the Paul Mitchell Temple salon in Frederick where you can get your hair cut by a student (supervised by an instructor) for just $10 or $20 depending on the 'level' of the student.

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