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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cute Blonde Guy Club

One of the towns near us has a community pool. In an effort to drive around less (spend less money) we bought a membership and are committed to going as often as we can during the week.

After a few days I noticed that Shane seems to belong to a secret club that I previously knew nothing about... the Cute Blonde Guy Club.

A couple of the male life guards are young, cute and blonde and Shane gravitated to them like bees to honey - and they to him. It started with him just standing around the lifeguard stand talking to them [to be a fly on the wall!!]. It has progressed to him being allowed to sit behind the counter inside and help check people in.

All of the life guards are really nice and say they enjoy letting him hang out with them, but he seems to get along best with the two blonde guys. 

They've let him be a 'life guard in training' so he can wear, but not blow, his whistle and sit next to them. Just before closing time they let him hold the coveted red floatie.

keeping an eye on things during swim lessons

This transcends into other situations like baseball games, picnics, etc. It's interesting to watch.

I asked Bill if he was aware of this club growing up, but both he and I were pretty dorky so there's no way we could have been members (and I'm a brunette so definitely no way I could have joined the club!). This led us to wonder how we ended up with a 'cool' kid.

The rest of us in the family are mere mortals in the personality and charisma departments, but our little blonde cutie seems to possess some sort of extra zing.

Since Bill and I are not this gregarious, it seems to be a nature thing in the nature vs. nurture realm.

As Little Bear would say, "Interesting..."

Hank enjoying his swim lessons

[Safety note: In addition to regularly peeking in on him, I remind the lifeguards each time we're there to please send him to me if he's underfoot. I'm also friends with a long time teacher at the high school and asked her about all the guards. And most importantly I remind Shane each time to never go anywhere - bathroom, storage room, parking lot - alone with anyone but me or his siblings.]

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