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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Broomes Island Rewind

We had the best time ever, as usual, at Broomes Island last week. We stayed with one of Bill's aunts, Sally, who is by far the coolest aunt evah! The kids completely love spending time with her because she's very adventurous and fun and just an all around nice person.
 We also did some bird watching and ID'd at least 20 birds and saw many, many others that we weren't sure of. Sunday afternoon we spotted a little fledgling Blue Jay. Very cute, but we don't know if he made it through the night. There are *a lot* of foxes in the area.

A handful of Bill's aunts and one uncle came down for the weekend. Uncle Hervey's arrival made the boys very happy because he took them for a boat ride to go fishing. Sadly the fish weren't biting so they made plans to try again later in the summer. Uncle Hervey also untangled about 4,000 line tangles for Shane who is a very exhuberant fisherman.

I managed to gain just 2 pounds despite eating ice cream almost daily and drinking more wine than usual. Cocktail Hour is a great tradition!

We went on several kayak expeditions to 'glass beach' so Ella could restock her supply of sea glass and fun shells. I also paddled to the end of the creek and back which was ~3 miles. I think I could happily kayak every day. So relaxing and peaceful.

I did a little strength training each day but not the full routine. I figured dragging the kayaks in and out of the water counted for something. Sadly, I didn't do any OWS like I usually do because it's the breeding season for the Northern Water Snake, and we had at least 3 who were looking for love at our little beach. :shudder:

The kids were happy to swim and then just swim out whenever we saw a snake. I knew that if I was in the water the same time as Walter (the first snake spotted each day was dubbed Walter) that I would probably panic and drown. Not a good vacation memory.

I ran 4, 5, and 6 miles over the course of the week. And let me tell you it was hot, steaming hot and so humid. Sweat dripped off my elbows as I ran. I could wring out my shirt when I finished. And I ran first thing in the morning. Unreal!

And we did our usual trip to the marine museum in Solomons as well as a quick trip to Sotterley Plantation in St Mary's county.

It was a FUN trip and we hope to make it back later in the summer.

Now to finish the mountain of laundry and prepare for my race on Sunday!


misszippy said...

That looks and sounds like an awesome getaway--my kids would totally dig that! I'm not familiar w/ Broomes--assuming E. Shore?

And hey, vacations are made for cocktail hour!

*~*~* Tracy said...

Close - it's in Southern MD on the western side of the bay, about 20 miles before Solomons Island.

Very eastern shore in attitude though...laid back with a crab line in one hand and a beer in the other. :D


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