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Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Centerpiece Craft

We do a Passover meal each Easter and I am usually so busy, and then exhausted, from the preparations that I forget to take pictures.

This year Ella helped make the centerpiece *and* she set the table all by herself. I love that little squirrel!

Jake is in Texas so it was just 5 of us this year.

 Ella and I made these out of eggshells. Gently poke a hole in the skinny end and gradually make it bigger until the opening is the desired size.

Some had flowers and others had candles. For the flowers - I put in some fishtank gravel and then arranged Bluebells (what I call them anyway) and Phlox from the yard. One of them has small daffodils, but they were too top heavy. Add some water and put them in a tealight holder.

For the candles, I got regular tealights and removed the metal casing. Then I just used a knife and trimmed them until they'd fit in the egg. I put the schrapnel in the egg first and then the remaining chunk that had the wick on top. They probably would have burned longer had I melted the wax and created the candle inside the egg, but these suited our need just fine.

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