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Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

8 Flat Miles

FSRC 8 mile training run by tracyrunning at Garmin Connect - Details

On Sunday my local running club hosted an 8 mile training run for the Frederick Half Marathon. I worked it out so that I could run, hustle to a friend's house for a shower and make it to church with time to spare.

I knew only a handful of people, and they were all running faster than I planned to go so I just started out by myself. I could hear two speedy friends coming up behind me, and when they caught me I ran with them for a bit and then let them go on. 

Around mile 4 or 5, we got to a part where there were a handful of turns. I had kept my friends in sight enough to know where to turn, but I must have spaced at some point because I lost them. Dug the directions out of my pocket, figured out where I was in the myriad of turns and soldiered on.

I missed a turn somewhere but my path intersected with my friends again. Since I needed to get to my friend's house by a certain time so I wouldn't be late for church, I was determined not to get lost again.  That meant I had to run a little faster than I was planning to.

Surprisingly and happily, I was able to do it. I'm sure it's mainly because the course was almost as flat as a slice of cheese, but I'll take it.

Of course with just 9 weeks left before I run up Mt Everest the Harpers Ferry Half with its paltry 1000ft elevation climb this was probably my last flat run.  I'm going to have to stay out here in the country with my hills to do the rest of my training.

I'm hoping to make it to Harpers Ferry on Saturday mornings to run/walk the hillier parts of the course so my legs don't completely freak come race day. It's going to be least that's what I keep telling myself. :-D


Laima said...

nice run - glad you found your way back to your friends:)

Kate said...

I love it when I'm able to run faster than I expect I can. :) Sounds like a good run!


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