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Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Distracted swimming

Yesterday was Wellness Wednesday at Shepherd so I loaded up my kiddos and off we went. Because there's no school this week, I figured it would be either really crowded or a ghost town....and crossed my fingers for ghost town. 'Twas not to be....

The place was packed and they had all the lanes up in the pool so 'fun swimming' was limited to the two outside lanes. This meant that people were playing in most of the remaining lanes instead of swimming laps.

I asked two teenage guys who were goofing off in an outside lane if they minded if I swam laps in the section nearest the rope. They didn't, and I started swimming.

Then I noticed that in the lane next to me was a couple who were, um, really happy to be together. They would hang onto the side of the pool *really* close to each other and giggle and slobber on each other. Then they'd swim to the bottom where she would tap a coin or something on the bottom of the pool and he motion something. She would ride on his back while he swam along the bottom and then they'd go back to the edge to tangle up and slobber again.

At a couple of points I was tempted to remind them that we were all wearing goggles so we could see everything, but I figured people who act like that in a somewhat public pool probably don't care.

Eventually one of the middle lanes became open so I hopped into it to finish my laps. Unfortunately the porn stars were still nearby and gettin' busy. To add to the excitement two little girls were swimming the width of the pool, popping up in each lane, playing for a bit and then moving to the next lane.

Being little kids they had no regard for lap swimmers and I almost asked them to please stay out of my lane until I was done. But I looked around and both outside lanes were jam packed, and I was just swimming, not for time or anything serious so they were more of a distraction than anything. And learning to swim with distractions is necessary for tri swim, right?

Maybe I should have asked them to hit me with pool noodles as I swam by? Next time...


misszippy said...

Well, just when I think I've heard/seen it all at the pool, you bring in the affectionate couple! Oh my. Sounds like you made the most of a not-so-perfect situation, though!

Caratunk Girl said...

Oh my god! That is insane! You handled it really well, that would have annoyed me an I might have gotten snarky

*~*~* Tracy said...

No 'parts' were exposed otherwise I would have spoken up. Though I'm working on not speaking up too quickly because I have a tendency to open my big mouth and embarrass my husband and kids.
But yes, it was gross and unecessary.

Dan said...

just tell Bill to get his tools out and pop one of these in the basement:

The outer dimensions of the pool are 8 by 15 feet-just right for your under-used and largely ceremonial living room. The standard model is 39 inches deep. The parts fit through a 2-foot-wide door so you won't have to tear out a wall.

The tank is formed of bolted-together galvanized steel panels and lined first with a felt liner, then a double-thick vinyl liner. The propeller is powered hydraulically, which means there's no motor inside the pool to electrocute you: The hydraulic fluid is canola oil.

The force of the current is adjustable. At its max, it requires you to swim fast enough to cover 100 meters in a minute and eight seconds. Ken installed the pool himself, he even dug the hole for the deepest section. It was his winter project one year, an Ironman's idea of recreation and relaxation!

*~*~* Tracy said...

Dan, that would be so cool.

And if you're Uncle Dan (your profile is a little vague) you and Mark can come help him. I'd even order pizza for you guys. :D


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