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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gear I Love: Hydrapak

A while ago I won a Hydrapak giveaway hosted by the lovely and speedy Tricia. Hydrapak was also speedy because I received my Avila backpack super fast.

I won't bore you with the technical features other than to say it is:

~ very comfortable to wear -for the kids, too
~ easy to adjust the straps between wearers
~ easy to fill and empty
~ easy to drink from - bite valve that doesn't flood your mouth or make you suck a watermelon through a straw

Hank wore it to a day long scout event

There are only two things that aren't completely wonderful for me.
~ The storage pocket doesn't hold much more than my phone and car key. Granted I don't often carry more than those 2 things when I'm wearing my hydrapak, but a couple of times I needed to add hand sanitzer, cash, credit card and ID, and I couldn't stuff it all in there.
~ Stuffing the full bladder into the pack is a little challenging. The opening to the pack is narrower than the plastic clip thingy that seals the bag closed so you have stuff in one end and then the other. Not a huge deal, but maybe they'll consider making the opening a smidge wider for future models.

Ella wore it on a fun run

It's perfect for dayhikes with the kids because I have enough water for all 4 of us and my hands are free to take pictures.

I have taken it on a couple of runs and neither the weight of the pack nor the swishing of the water bothered me. I've also used it on some of my longer rides (before I stole both Bill and Jake's bottle cages) and again, it performed perfectly, and its presence was hardly noticed.

In a nutshell, I love my Avila and use it quite often even though I'm not cranking out any major miles lately. If you're looking for a hydration pack, definitely check out Hydrapak.


misszippy said...

Good review. I hate trying to stuff full bladders into the outer shells of packs like that! I've never tried running w/ one of those either, but sounds like it's doable.

I'll have to meet up with you for a trail run sometime soon!

Jessica Washburn said...

Good to know. We have one and out here in AZ I've been trying to decide on how to stay hydrated. I bought a water belt but I think a pack would be better. I too love home schooling, we did it for two years. Great memories. :)

Caratunk Girl said...

Great review!! I have wanted to get something like this.


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