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Eleanor Roosevelt

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Frosty camping with the Boy Scouts

As a Webelos scout, Hank will be spending more time with the Boy Scouts learning cool, new stuff and checking off requirements for advancement. Part of those requirements involve camping and cooking with them. The Boy Scout Troop affiliated with our Pack went camping last night and invited interested Cubs to tag along.

You may be thinking to yourself that camping in November, in Maryland is a tad chilly - and you would be very right! Now Cubs are not allowed to camp overnight if the forecast is calling for below freezing weather so we watched the forecast all evening to be sure we didn't land in scouting time out. Nothing to worry about though because everyone's iPhones reported it would be a balmy 38 degrees! Break out the shorts and flip flops!

My and Hank's set up

 Cubs and Boys have to set up their tents in separate areas so here's a shot of Boy Scout world. We spent most of our time over there because they had a nice, big, warm fire, and they did all the cooking.

Uncle Toddy gave us some of his old military coldweather gear and let me tell you what a difference it makes when you have the right stuff. At an earlier campout I took a bag that was supposed to be rated to 40 degrees, ha! I froze my patootie off and was miserable.  This time, I snuggled into a big, honking mummy bag with my fleece insert (and hand warmers stashed between my 2 layers of socks). MUCH nicer! And Hank slept like he was dead so this was a huge improvement over our last experience.

I think it must have dipped at least a little below freezing (whoops!). We woke up to a very frosty tent and crunchy grass.

Playing football while folks are waking up

Time to grub with the Scouts

Cold? Yes. Lots of work? Of course. Worth it?
For sure


Jessica Washburn said...

Oh my gosh...I worry about my thirteen year old going with the Scouts when it's in the 60's. :) LOL. We are in Phoenix though so it we're kind of whimps.

The Green Girl said...

Thank you so much for checking in on me, girl!

I'm doing good. Just been working way too many hours. I'm a little burnt out right now.


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