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Monday, October 24, 2011

Squirrel Scouts turns 100

Ever since Hank joined Cub Scouts last year, Ella has been bugging me to find a Girl Scout troop for her to join. The troops near us were all for older girls so she and I had pretty much given up hope of her becoming a squirrel scout (Girl Scouts for little girls whose parents call them little squirrels).

Then through a providential set of events, I was put in touch with a Brownie leader in a nearby town, and she let Ella join their troop. Aaaand even better, one of Ella's good friends recently joined.  Hooray!

Last weekend, after the Cub Scout bike rodeo, the Girl Scouts had their 100 year birthday celebration in Baker Park in Frederick. Originally daddy was going to attend, but at the last minute he convinced Ella that it would be more fun for me to attend with her.

We paired the younger girls with older Jr scouts. Ella and her friend E with their older 'buddy'.

They had all sorts of little carnival games and crafts

The crime scene unit was there and the girls got to dust their own fingerprints and save them on clear tape

Ella and her friend goofing around on the playground

Ella, her friend E and E's older sister. Cutie patooties!

It was a fun, if not exhausting afternoon. Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts are so very different...yes there's the whole boy, girl thing. But Cubs seems to center around physical accomplishment and eating. Simple stuff. So far Girl Scouts involves a lot of singing, eating cupcakes, and talk about how we feel about our world and ourselves as we live in our world. Not bad stuff at all, just different. And Ella is completely enjoying it.

eta: Squirrel Scouts is what we call the Girl Scouts. We call it Squirrel Scouts because we call Ella our little squirrel. Sorry for the confusion! :)


Laima said...

Never heard of squirrel scouts - we have Daisies and Brownies for our little GS:)

The Green Girl said...

I never heard of squirrel scouts either! And wow, 100, huh?


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