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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sizing women's clothing

You may remember a few weeks ago when I had to go shopping for grown up clothes so I could attend a dinner with Bill. Over the summer I managed to lose about 15 pounds so my dress pants all hung on me like I had a load in my drawers. Not exactly the first impression I wanted to make.

Ella and I spent a very tiring 4+ hours in 4 different stores before I settled on a so-so outfit. Thankfully, my good friend came to my rescue with a gorgeous outfit and all was well in the land.

I noticed something very interesting during my time in prison shopping. Dress clothes are not sized anything like athletic clothes.

At the beginning of the summer I was -what I thought - a consistent size 12 in pants and size Large in tops - at least those are the sizes of the clothes in my closet. After I lost some weight, I broke out my size 10 jeans and a handful of Medium shirts, and life was good.  My running clothes still fit just fine, a little looser but nothing crazy.

Party time arrived, and I tried on my size 10 dress pants only to find the crotch hung almost to my knees. I headed off to the store and ended up trying on size 8 and size 6 pants and skirts. Say what??

I'm not a small person, even 15 pounds lighter. My butt still needs its own zip code; each thigh is still the circumference of a small woman's waistline, and I still have my hard earned dun-lop (my waist dun lopped over my belt).

Then I saw this wall post on Run Like a Mother's facebook page:
Continuing our clothing theme from this morning, Misty is looking for running clothes in size 16--many XL tops seem to be too tight. "This is very frustrating and sad for me," she says, "I'd like to have clothes that I feel good in, not that make me feel bad for being overweight which is part of the reason why I'm exercising." Ideas?

What is the deal with the sizes for women's clothing?? I have arm sleeves that are size L/XL - my arms are 11 1/2 inches at their saggiest biggest point. Not small but definitely not EXTRA large. I have size large shirts that fit as comfortably as size medium ones in a similar style. A pair of my size 10 jean shorts fit better than my size 12 in the same style.

Why do they do this to us?? I can go into any store on the planet and buy Bill a shirt or a pair of pants with no worries about it fitting him. Me? I have to try on 20 pair of pants in a dozen different styles and lengths to hopefully, fingers crossed, possibly find 1 pair that fits. It's insane.

Did I feel thinner or more fit knowing I was wearing a size 6? Amazed with a smidge of disbelief is more like it. However, I do feel...I don't know...less than amazing when I put on my size Large or Extra Large running clothes.

The clothing industry needs to reverse it's sizing procedure. Athletic clothes should have the smaller numbers which would encourage more people to exercise, and dress clothes should run on the small side so that we're more likely to eat an apple vs. a plate of cookies.

To illustrate the disparity, I thought it would be interesting to take a little trip down Clothing Size Lane...

The skirt I borrowed, purchased probably in the last 2 years:

My size 10 Levi's, purchased when Shane was about 1 y/o in 2007:

My size 12 shorts, purchased circa 1999:

All done, thanks

Ok, gimme the camera

Seriously, you do *not* want to mess with me

You've unleased the beast; prepare to meet your doom!

Is this the case for all women? Or do I have a weirdly proportioned body?

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misszippy said...

First, you look fantastic! Well done. Second, yeah, clothing sizes stink. There's not rhyme or reason for the variation between one company's sizes and the next. And, word is they're making sizes bigger than they used to, so today's size 4 is equivalent to yesterday's size 6. All about making women feel better when buying clothes. I just ignore that fact, myself!


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