You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Goals for my first Tri

I considered titling this "What not to do to train for your first tri" because nothing about my training for this has been remotely normal.

1. I got the OK to run on August 11th. If you count backwards, that'll be 45 days before the race. Of course I didn't hit the road on day one and crank out an easy 5 miler. It has been a slow but deliberate process, and my longest run so far is just 3.11 miles. Slow but pain-free so I'll take it, very happily.

2. I've had zero free weekends in that time. I've had days here and there where I could crank out some long rides, but I've had to cram them in around a very full calendar.

3. I did 1 brick workout, sort of. It was a hilly 10 mile ride followed by a hilly 1 mile wog.

4. I've been able to swim 3 times since Labor Day.

What I've done right though should help me:

1. Stayed hydrated and have eaten [mostly] clean
2. Slept in when I felt like I needed it
3. Took rest days when I felt like I needed them.
4. Have not done too much too soon (I don't hurt anywhere so I'm guessing that I'm progressing at a healthy rate)

I sound lazy, hmmmm....I really hope these will balance each other out and I'll be set to survive and complete this thing on Sunday and not experience this:

So my goals? Ah yes, the point of this post....

Goal #1 is to complete it on my two feet with no injury

And if I get out there and unicorns are peeing rainbows, I think I could finish in 1:30. That's a decent swim, solid ride and a pain-free, adrenaline-enhanced run.

I'll skip a B goal and go straight to my

C goal of 2:00 because that's what I put on my registration form...and under that I wrote "SLOW swimmer" and under that I wrote "this is my first Tri" I want the race director's expectations of me to be reasonable. haha!

Obviously if I hop off my bike and my foot or hip hurt, I'll be walking me a 5K.

I'll be sad and disappointed, but further injury is *not* the objective here so I'll have to put on my big girl underpants and deal with the disappointment (after eating a bar of chocolate and polishing off a bottle of wine).

So this time tomorrow, I'll either be hiding in a porto potty or I'll have completed my first triathon! Any and all virtual cheering is much appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

good luck-have done over 100 myself -bet you get "hooked" like most!


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