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Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, September 30, 2011

5 For Friday

This week has been really busy

Monday- Ella bella enjoyed her first Squirrel Scouts (Girl Scouts to you normal folk) meeting where I met some of the moms...who make The Real Housewives of New Jersey look quite tame. Very surprising to say the least. The girls, however, were all really sweet and cute.

Tuesday - My least insane day of the week because all we had was cross country practice. Fun! I ran maybe a mile with Shane's group and had a great time.

Wednesday - Shepherd University opens their wellness center for FREE to the public the last Wed of each month. So we swam for hours, played basketball and ran on the indoor track. I swam an easy mile during our first session in the pool and then swam sprints (ha!) alternating laps for half a mile during our second session. I think I have just two swim speeds. Slow and slower. I tried really hard to make my arms go faster and they laughed at me. More practice is needed. Hank ran 2 miles on the track and Ella ran 1.

Thursday - or Insanity Day. Errands to pick up stuff for Cub Scouts, in the pouring rain. Gathering and cutting firewood for the Cub Scout meeting. Phone calls to borrow a fire ring. Cross Country practice. Trip to get the forgotten fire ring. Set up Cub Scout meeting while other parents stand and watch. Clean up Cub Scout meeting while Hank falls off a table and bruises the dickens out of his heel. Send several emails about future Cub Scout meetings and problems. Fall into bed. (about half the Cub parents are helpers while half are watchers. makes me crazy!)

Friday - Today is our first day of Friday Morning School, or co-op. Shane will go to his K-1 class, and Ella and Hank will go their classes. We'll eat lunch and then go to our Friday Afternoon Co-op. I also volunteered to help at Freedom's Run tonight at their registration table. I was originally going to volunteer tomorrow but I want to be sure I can get the kids to the fun run in time so working tonight will hopefully make for a less stressful Saturday.


misszippy said...

Weeks like that are hard--you get whiplash trying to keep up! That's so cool that the U. opens up the gym like that. Definitely worth taking advantage of.

My good friend Jess is running the marathon tomorrow. Based on winner's times from past two years, she has a shot at the win!

cheryl said...

That's so great that you are out there at the fitness center with kids in tow and everyone is having fun! Wish our University would do that- they have an awesome facility for students only though!

Molly said...

Your thursdays are my mondays...crazy! How fun though to get to spend time at the fitness center!


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