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Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, August 12, 2011

My right foot

I saw my ortho for my regularly scheduled follow up yesterday

My foot has been feeling pretty good - except - when I'm barefoot and step on uneven ground on the ball of my foot it makes my already injured 2nd toe ache but nothing terrible. So when the nurse asked me how my foot was doing, I said it was pretty good and hurt just a little.*

The dr had me jog on the balls of my feet down the hall and then on my heels and then a little faster on the balls of my feet again.

I showed him the spot on the ball of my foot that was tender and where on my toe the pain radiates. I was totally thinking it was an issue with my stress fracture.

He thinks I have 'attenuation of the plantar plate'...I know, WTH????  I didn't know if I should laugh or cry, and he made the 'aging athlete' comment again.

The [sort of] good news is that my stress fracture seems to have healed, and I can run as long as I'm in a cushioned shoe. If my toe hurts, stop. Pretty simple. And lots of incentive to stop because if I rupture the plate I"ll need surgery which may or may not work.

Enter the mental aspect of all this. Because of my ITBS and then my stress fracture, I haven't run any significant miles since DECEMBER.

My run/[mostly] walk total for the year so far is 126 miles. This is August, the 8th month, 126 miles. sigh...

The idea of running is skeery and I don't know quite what to do with it all. I want desperately to run, but at the same time this hasn't exactly been a stellar year for me so I'm nervous as all get out.

He gave me the green light to participate in a small biathlon tomorrow. The run is only a mile and on a cross country course so I won't be pounding any pavement. It's a local charity fundraiser so a lot of folks do it for fun and walk the mile which means I won't look like a total doofus if I need to walk.

So there's the latest on the running front for me. Hopefully I'll have a rockstar race report for tomorrow... a girl can dream, can't she! :D

*My brain is still on vacation. I mentioned this because when I was checking out the nurse asked me if he casted me. I told her if I was wearing a cast, I'd be crying. So anyway, I guess if my foot still hurt, in a stress fracture way, he would have put me in a cast. So glad that was not the case!

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