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Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday's Photos- learning to crab

Aunt Amanda stopped by yesterday to teach the kids how to crab with a line. Crabbing this way is definitely an exercise in patience...which a certain little boy does *not* possess

In a nutshell, you tie your bait- raw chicken wing or neck- to a string, let out the string until the bait is on the bottom of the river...and then wait

You know you have a bite when the string is taut and starts moving. Crabs like to take their meal away from where they catch it before eating.

Then you slowly, slowly start reeling in your line and your partner in crime uses a net to snag the crab and toss it into a waiting bucket of water.

Ella was the champion by far. She's also the most patient and methodical of the 3. The boys would toss their bait in and yank it up a dozen times while she slowly caught several crabs. 

We also baited the traps and left them overnight. As of this morning, we're up to 26 nice sized crabs so the kids are going to cook them for Grandpop and Lisa for lunch tomorrow, and they can't wait!

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