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Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Daddy's Work Picnic

Friday was Bill's work picnic at Hain's Point in DC. It's a very pretty park on the Potomac and is a nice spot to see planes land and take off at National.

Someone hadn't seen Daddy in 5 whole days

They have a fun bubble machine.
Someone crammed half his burger in his mouth so he could be done w/ lunch and go play

Tug O War is always fun
(I forgot I had the camera on BW)

Someone made a friend almost as soon as we arrived and played the whole afternoon

Sno Cones. Yum!

My little squishy
Moments like this keep me from selling him to a traveling circus

They gave everyone little ducks for some reason. 
[the Mountain Dew isn't ours, the Germ X is]

This is the 3rd year they've had this picnic and we enjoyed it once again. The food is always very yummy and they have lots of great games and activities for the kids.

It also gives me the opportunity to test myself by driving into and out of DC without becoming hopelessly lost [my special hidden talent]

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