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Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, August 25, 2011


E and H just happened to wear the same shirt
1. Tuesday was the first day of School Lite which is just Latin, math, spelling and science. Our history, literature and geography co-op begins in a couple of weeks. Theoretically this allows us to ease into the school year and still enjoy some last minute summer fun.

They 'walk to school' on the first day out 1 door, around the yard and in the other door

2. It has only been a couple of days, but with the start up of school, cross country and cub scouts, I can see I'm going to have a hard time fitting in my workouts. While injured and not running, I got into the habit of staying up late and sleeping in. It's not an easy habit to break, but I'm going to have to. The school day goes a thousand times better if I've worked out, showered and eaten *before* the kids wake up at 7.

3. I thought the earthquake was my washing machine going off balance. I lived in the San Francisco bay area for a year and we had 2 (maybe 3?) earthquakes while I was there. They weren't severe so they were more 'cool' than scary - but I was a knuckleheaded teenager so what did I know??

Anyway, I later heard about friends who did all the right things- stand under a doorframe or run outside - while my kids and I sat there wondering what in the world could be so wrong with the washer that it would make such an awful noise and shake the whole house?

My next guess was a large airplane flying too low over the house.

After that I wondered if 2 semis had collided on the highway near us.

Earthquake never entered my mind. I guess I'll have to add that to the list of things to wonder about.

Now we're battening down the hatches for a hurricane. We need the rain so I'm not complaining as long as I get my bike ride in on Saturday.

And how has your week been? Anything new, cool or exciting happening in your world?

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