You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, June 02, 2011

3 Things Thursday

It's been less than 24 hours since we saw Shane's ortho, who told us he can't fall on his butt or back for 2 weeks, and he has since fallen on his butt once and been whacked in the head with a pillow (accidentally says the culprit). I'm calling this morning to see if we can get him into a brace...or me a big bottle of valium.

** edited to add: I spoke with his dr and his fracture is high enough on his spine that a brace would need to be custom made and be like a scoliosis brace with an attachment around his neck and a plate on his front and back. I can see my 5 y/o happily putting that on, can't you? ha! The good thing is, he'd have to pretty much replicate his accident to do any significant damage so he should be ok just taking it easy...well, as easy as a 5 y/o stunt man will.

The library auto-emailed me and my summer, lounge at the beach books are in. I can't wait!

I'm amazed at how big the laundry pile gets when I miss just one day. This week I missed two days. I don't know if I'll be able to catch's huge and overwhelming. Maybe we'll switch to paper clothes or join a nudist colony until I get caught up.


misszippy said...

Too funny about your little guy--not easy to keep them down! And as we speak, I am putting off laundry--maybe you will get me going here!

Jen said...

Poor guy. Good luck and send some meds too!

Teamarcia said...

1. What happened to Shane?
2. Yay for summer reading!
3. What is it about laundry that it seems to multiply?

*~*~* Tracy said...

Marcia, the little stinker fell out of a tree and has a compression fracture of a vertebrae mid-spine.

Scared 10 years off my life in one shot. Thankfully he should be just fine. Me, on the other hand...

The Green Girl said...

Aw, poor baby!


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