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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Frederick Half Marathon

Today was the Frederick Half Marathon, and you couldn't have asked for better weather. Gorgeous!!

I belong to a local running club, the Frederick Steeplechasers, and we had a booth at the expo. Since I don't have a 'real' job (according to some family members, homeschoolers just watch tv all day), I volunteered to help out. The boys wanted to stay home and play outside (we're installing a flat screen on the side of the house so they can keep up with their shows) so Ella and I headed to town. [whoops. sorry, is my sarcasm showing??]

We got there a little after 2 and got everything set up. The doors opened at 3 and I was surprised at how many people were waiting outside before then. Our booth was right after the onsite registration table so folks kept coming to us to pick up their packets. Not a lot of signage to direct them, but that's ok...everyone was very happy and excited...they were going to be racing the next day!  I was also surprised that quite a few people traveled from out of state to race. You came to Frederick, MD just to run?? Really??

I saw quite a few people sporting Vibrams and a guy in hurraches. One lady asked my about my Neos and I  sang the praises of TR Treads  telling her they would hook her up.

Ella took this one

Got home in time to go to small group (for church). Home from that and off to bed! Up at 5 because I wanted to get a little run in before my course marshalling duties began.

Passed this happy family of geese.

I ran just under 3 miles. At around mile 2.5 I felt a sharp pain in the top of my right foot. Too bad I couldn't prop it up and ice until several hours later. I can barely walk now so I'm trying not to freak out.

I made it back to my car, wiped down with baby wipes and changed into my super hero costume and walked to the corner of Bentz and Carroll Pkwy. It was cold just standing there so I was really glad I grabbed a long sleeve shirt before I left that morning.

The first runner appeared really quickly. I was surprised to see him so soon. I think a course record was set...1:06 and change. Crazy!
It was really hard seeing so many people run by; I'm such a baby...I teared up a few times watching everyone. This was my goal race for this year and I was so excited to kill it. Flat and fast is how they describe it.

Next year.

After the last runner went by I walked back to my car so I could drive and park closer to the finish line. I'm awful at estimating distance on a map. The garage I chose looked really close to the fairgrounds...I guess a mile isn't that far, well unless your foot hurts. So I walked to the finish area picking up a handheld and 2 very nice tech shirts to turn into lost and found (I know I'm a dork!).

I"m also a bad estimator of time (no wonder I'm late everywhere I go) and had lots of time to kill while waiting for my friends. My guy friends would finish almost before I left my spot on the course, but I expected my friends K and L anywhere in the 2 to 2:30 timeframe.

I totally started getting teary thinking about them running. Our kids are on the same track and cross country team and we started running together late last year. I talked them into running this race, and was going to run with them....

Anyway, I was so excited to see them both cross the finish line. Speedy L finished around 2:10 and K came in around 2:20. Excellent times!! And it was their first Half so that makes it even better!

After standing for about 45 minutes, my foot was really sore so I didn't hang around afterwards. Made the mile trek back to the car and headed home for a nap. Course marshalling and spectating is hard work! :D

Great job to all the runners who ran today!!

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The Green Girl said...

I hope your right foot is okay. Sending tons and tons of positive energy!


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