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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tapestry of Grace Unit Celebration, Year 1, Unit 2

Tonight we enjoyed our Unit 2 end of unit celebration with our homeschool co-op. You may recall that we're using Tapestry of Grace, Year 1 for our history, literature, Bible and geography classes. Year 1 is ancient history from creation to the fall of Rome and is, I now realize, my least favorite period of history.

So these celebrations are a GREAT thing for me because they keep me motivated and on track.  We decided to make this particular celebration an international dinner with food and costumes from the 4 ancient cultures we covered over the last 9 weeks - China, India, early America and ancient Greece (which is not the golden age of Greece. I know you knew that.)

When I told the kids they had to wear a costume for the feast, Shane jumped up. "I'm Spiderman!"  And I figured if that floated his wild little boat then so be it. So we had the lesser known Greek god, Spiderite Manete (sounds like spy duhr EYE tee mah NEH tee). 


My adorable Chinese princess (one less costume for me to make since we already own a handful of Chinese dresses) and her BFF. They're such a hoot together and would probably be quite happy if they were joined at the hip.

We ate super yummy food from all 4 cultures. Bill hit a home run with his Indian cuisine. I'm so grateful he can cook because I would have been signed up to bring paper plates and forks otherwise.

Little Greek shepherd boy (center) was ready to be done with his costume

After we ate we played 2 games of Family Feud with questions from the previous 9 weeks. I am so glad it was them and not me; I can't remember what I did yesterday much less what I read 9 weeks ago! The first game was with the grammar-aged kids and they were so cute! Of course two of my kids were in this group so I'm only slightly biased.  Then the big kids got to play a game.  We parents talked BRIEFLY about having a grown up round but quickly decided we didn't need to discourage the kids by showcasing how bad a person's memory gets over time.

Then we had the obligatory group shot. Such a quiet and boring little group.

Another very fun night with our friends. Love it!


The Green Girl said...

Aw, that looks like so much fun! The costumes are adorable.

Caratunk Girl said...

So fun!! Love the costumes!


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