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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Physical Therapy

Yesterday was a busy day. I had my gait analysis in the morning in Shepherdstown and that afternoon I had a physical therapy appointment.  The therapist was running behind schedule and then spent almost an hour with me so I ended up being there almost 2 hours. Needless to say I was pretty fried by the time I got home.

So what did we do at therapy? I did the same two "how inflexible and weak are my hips" exercises, and failed them both again. I like being consistent even if I'm consistently bad. 

And I did a handful of other isometric type exercises to see if my hips are equally weak. Thankfully (I think?), my left hip seems pretty strong. I lay on one side and pushed my leg up against his hand (he had some sort of doohicky that measured my pushing against it in pounds). So anyway, lying on my right side I lifted my left leg and my 'score' was 29 pounds. On my left side, raising my right leg, I managed a paltry 19 pounds of pressure - and that was with every ounce of oomph I had.

He talked a lot and moved my legs this way and that, and before I knew it he was printing out a list of exercises for me to do at home.  He wants me to go twice a week, but I have to pay the co-pay each time which adds up quickly so once a week it is.  I'll just have to work extra hard on my own.

Happily, many of the exercises he gave me to do are the same as the ones James gave me at my gait analysis yesterday. So it seems like they're on the same page for hip strengthening and stretching. Cool beans.

I am actually feeling a little more hopeful... like I have a viable plan of attack to be on the road again. Can't wait!


Teamarcia said...

Yay for a plan of attack! Any good hip moves you wanna share?

Kovas said...

Good news and definitely share those exercises!

misszippy said...

Having a game plan helps so much...I kind of feel like I'm flying solo right now and need a good plan. Hope yours works!

Molly said...

that's good to hear! hope the exercises do the trick.

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

good call on getting your gait analyzed =)


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