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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Go Speed Racer!

Hank's Cub Scout Pack had its Pinewood Derby yesterday afternoon. We've had the car kit for almost a month, but we planned to wait until the last possible moment to make it so as to reduce the window of opportunity for Shane to destroy it. 

Life happened - a snowstorm trapped Bill in his car for 6 1/2 hours Wednesday night and the ripple effect kinda messed up our schedule - so Hank woke up bright and early Saturday morning to paint his car. (Bill cut the shape of the car, but Hank did all the sanding and painting himself.)

And Bill and Hank left for the derby while the glue on the weights was still drying. Crazy. Needless to say we didn't have expectations beyond Hank having a good time.

I sent Bill a text asking how things were going and he called to tell me that he had won all four of his heats. Pretty cool! Though it turns out he not only won his heats....he won first place overall!! I'm so proud of my little monkey.

Next stop...Super Derby!!

To make the weekend even more special is that Uncle Todd came for a visit. We went for our usual breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Yep, we had a party at our table. Can't ya tell.

After Hank's victory, we had to go to dinner to celebrate, with dessert of course.

Yep, I"ll be eating nothing but spinach all three meals and spending some time on the bike today.  Another insanely busy, but insanely fun weekend!


The Green Girl said...

6.5 hours? That's insane.

I'm thrilled to hear there was a happy ending.

*~* *~* Tracy said...

Green Girl, I will now demonstrate for you why I, homeschool mom, do *not* teach my kids higher math but instead pay to send them to qualified professionals. :D

Bill leaves his office at 4pm, travels very slowly, is stranded on the highway with 10,000 other cars, and then travels very slowly some more arriving home at 12:3am. How many hours did it take him to get home?

The answer is not 6.5 hours, but 8.5! Yes, it's true that I cannot add or subtract! sigh...

And it took Bill 8.5 hours to go about 60 miles. :(

Molly said...

Great trophy! Oh Cracker Barrel....yum.

Debra said...

Congrats on the Pinewood Derby win! And thanks for linking up on my blog. :) I love reading scout posts...


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