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Friday, November 05, 2010

And we went trick or treating

I realize most folks have already posted all about their halloween adventure and no one is really interested in reading about ours nearly a week after the fact. But it's times like this that remind me that one purpose of this blog is to record kid happenings. Only Jake has a complete baby book, Hank has the first couple of years filled in, Ella has a book with nothing filled in, and Shane...who's Shane?? Oh yea, that's right; I remember him; no book at all.

This was our first year of doing halloween with the little kids and they had a great time.

We went to our friends' neighborhood where they have a parade and little cookout before the kids run wild begging for candy.

There was a 'bad guy' Spiderman Shane's age so the two of them webbed each other to death.
So cute!!

Hank was a soldier (huge surprise) and his friend Jacob was Darth Vader

doncha just want to pinch those cute cheeks. So adorable!!

Jacob's mom Michelle had to go pick up one of her older kids so I started out walking with the kids. They were so cute making their plan of attack...these houses first and then that cul de sac. And let me say, these people were giving out some good stuff! Lots of 100 Grand candy bars, and Hank would say 'wow, they're rich!' cause he thought that's how much the candy bar cost. Ok so he's a little sheltered...

Michelle met us later and we cruised in the minivan collecting more sweets until the kids were wiped out. A good time was definitely had by all.
 Ella wore her Seder costume so she was a Hebrew girl.

I went through their stash and took out all the non-chocolate candy to put in the shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  The rest of it is hidden until I can sneak it out of the house for Bill to take to work.

This momma and her kids have NO self control when it comes to candy and I don't need any more insulation than I already have.

It took me a whole week to blog about just our weekend! Whew! This coming weekend is also a busy one, but with lots of fun stuff planned. The kids and I are volunteering at the Inaugural Frederick 10 Miler. We have to arrive at 6 am....I am SO glad this weekend ends Daylight Savings so we'll get an extra hour of sleep!

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The Green Girl said...

Aw, I love love love their Halloween costumes!


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