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Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, October 15, 2010

20 miles with Ella Bella

Last weekend, the boys went on a camping trip to celebrate the long weekend so girlie and I went for a nice long bike ride. 

She loaded up her supplies for her 2 hour ride in the trailer and off we went!

We headed south instead of north like we usually do. Harpers Ferry is about 6 miles north and on a holiday weekend (especially a gorgeous one like we enjoyed) it can be jam packed. Kind of defeats the purpose of a nice relaxing ride.

We passed a few people here and there, but we passed two construction areas. Very unusual for the tow path. In one area it looked like they were building a new bridge with HUGE stones. I didn't take any pictures though because there were tons of (guy) workers and I felt a little weird.

The second construction area was at Point of Rocks and it looks like they're putting in a much needed parking area near the boat ramp. I was checking out the scenery when all of a sudden a dump truck came from nowhere - ok, he really came down next to the bridge, through the canal area and up the other side to right in front of me.

Where was I? on the narrow path that exits the existing parking area next to the bridge back onto the tow path.  There was a gulley that he could straddle with no trouble. Me, on a bike, with a trailer - trouble. Thankfully we both stopped in time and he let me pass - after I pooped my pants, but anyway.

We also passed a Bike Patrol guy, and I think that's the first time I've seen a Bike Patrol on the tow path. And then we passed a large group of day hikers.  Once we hit the 10 mile mark we stopped for snacks and to give Ella a stretch break.

She took this amazingly wonderful picture of me

Then we headed back and saw this really BIG mushroom. Sadly the other side of it was all mashed, but we were impressed nonetheless.

The Bike Patrol guy was headed our direction but stopped and talking to one of the day hikers. They asked me if I had seen a red ball cap. One of the ladies in their group lost it so BP guy was looking for it. I laughed that it must be a really special hat, but they didn't think that was very funny and looked at me like maybe I had a red hat stashed in my shorts or something.  I was trying to figure out how exactly you lose a hat on a hike on a flat-as-a-pancake path that is pretty clear. Maybe she went off the trail to see if bears really do poop in the woods??

After all that, the ride back was almost boring. No dump trucks. No leering construction workers (they must have been at lunch), and no more giant mushrooms. It took us just under two hours to go 20 miles - I know, there are people who could run that far faster, but I was still technically doing recovery least that's how I comfort myself in my slowness.

Then we hurried home to take a nap before the Stinky Boys came home. Well,  I took a nap and Ella painted her nails.


The Green Girl said...

That is too funny that they think you might be a red hat thief. It clearly would have clashed with your bright shirt so they should have thought twice about suspecting you!

mommaof3ontherun said...

Sounds great. I read your entire post, but am still stuck on the fact that you must be fast to fit in 20 miles in that time!

*~* *~* Tracy said...

Exactly Green Girl! Who would wear a RED hat with a psychedelic shirt??? They clearly had the wrong girl. :)

Momma of 3, I guess I'm comparing my time to my cycling friends who average 15 mph on a fun ride. My avg was ~10mph which seemed slow. I like to go really fast on my bike...which is pretty funny considering I'm a slow runner. :D


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