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Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day in the mountains

A group of families from our church invaded Rocky Gap State Park this past Labor Day (and we're planning to again next year so watch out!). We found out about it late in the game this year so we ended up reserving a site on a different loop far away from the other families. Our site was also really far from the bathroom. 3 little kids, quarter mile walk to the potty, not good.

Actually those two things wouldn't have been a big deal if Bill and I could have been camping at the same time. Say what? Bill ended up having to work Saturday so he and Hank drove up early Friday and got the tent, etc set up. He cooked dinner for us that night and then headed home not to return until Sunday after lunch.

That day and a half on my own, in the woods, with four kids helped realize some things like...I enjoy camping as long as someone is there to cook and light the fire. A quarter of mile is a long way in the dark with a little girl who won't pee in the woods. A 40 pound 4 year old feels like he weighs 140 pounds when you are carrying him while he's throwing a fit because he's exhausted and hungry. It's hard not envy friends whose kids are all old enough to wander around with friends independently (until one of my little squishies wants to hug and kiss me while I read The 3 Little Pigs at bedtime).

I won't even pretend it was a relaxing weekend because it was far from it. But it was fun to spend those precious few moments here and there with my friends . 

I realized I didn't take many pictures - but then I didn't really have any spare time until Bill arrived. And I also realized that almost all of my pictures are of Shane - whom I had to stick to like flies on honey - and almost none are of Jake - who hung out with the big kids/young adults/or whatever I'm supposed to call them.

It was insanely windy and cold on Saturday so I didn't want them to swim. I said they could wade but couldn't get their shorts wet please.
Shane lay face down in the water seconds later.


An attempt at a nature hike around the lake. We turned around after about 10 minutes because one of my kids (who is always getting a bad rap so he'll remain nameless. ha! ha!) had a complete melt down screaming fit.

Despite the chaos, I enjoyed the spectacular scenery

Twirling his hair. I don't like for him to have short hair because he twirls his hair when he's tired or 'out of sorts.' I think it calms him a bit.

So much cuteness and rotten-ness coexisting in one little body. It seems like he'd explode from the force of it all.

Hanging out in the life guard chair

It wouldn't have been camping without burning roasting a few bags of marshmallows

We've already reserved our site for next year - on the same loop as our friends this time! So if Bill ends up having to work, I'll have extra sets of hands closer by...but hopefully my adorable Shane will be a mellow little guy by then with another year of growing up under his belt.

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