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Saturday, August 14, 2010

My First Runniversary!

Today I celebrated my 1st Runniversary!  Last August I ran in the Women's Distance Festival - my first race in over 10 years - and  finished in a not so blazing 33:55, but I didn't care if it took me 3 days, I was going to run and finish that race.

This year I dragged the whole family with me and signed them up for slave labor as volunteers to help at a water station. What better way to make sure I have cheerleaders!

But first I have to show off my amazing new toy. My most excellent brother saw on my Facebook page that I wanted a Garmin, and the big stinker bought me one. Hello! To say I was shocked, floored, speechless and just flat out surprised is an understatement. I called him up and could barely talk; of course the huge smile on my face probably had something to do with my inability to form words, too.

I know I shouldn't race with new gear, but there was no way I wasn't strapping this baby on today! I have figured out how to use only the basics of it, but I'm learning! I love, love, a million times love my Garmin!

The kids were really excited to get to help. After they got all the cups ready, they had some time to kill by running around and playing.

We made some fun signs for them to hold.

It was a great morning for a run. The humidity felt a bit high, but the temps were in the low 70's. HUGE change from what we've been having. The weather has been so awful that I really didn't have any expectations for this race other than to finish and enjoy.

Aaaand they're off!

It's a two loop course and here I am starting my second loop. Yes, I felt really good and was having a great time.

My babies handing out water. Aren't they cute?

At the finish. I didn't catch #222; she had a burst of speed at the very end and my legs just had nothing left.

I know, Dork Alert! But I was having a great time!

Demonstrating that sweat is indeed sexy. Lol!
This is my groovy towel from Inperspire. I have to tell you that this towel is softer than soft, and I line dry everything (which usually results in crunchy towels), but this towel retains its softness. I love my towel!

So a quick race report: I goofed and started my Garmin when the gun went off and not when I crossed the start so it registered that I ran 3.18 miles in 29:10 (though they have my official time as 29:11?? Anyway...).

Almost 300 women charged down the road for about a tenth of a mile before turning onto a narrow paved path so there was a bit of a traffic jam. Trying to get through all that, I started out faster than I should have and my first mile was 9:08. I felt really good but tried to slow it down so I didn't die at the end.

My second mile was 9:23 which was more comfortable. I locked onto one woman who looked like she had a nice steady pace but she stopped to walk so I had to pick a new target.

I started getting a weird pain on the top of my right foot *and* a side cramp. I ate a rice cake with peanut butter for breakfast and I suddenly felt like I was going to see it again. Not good!

Thankfully that feeling passed and mile 3 was 9:19. There was a whole cluster of us coming down to the finish. They must have all eaten 2 rice cakes for breakfast because they suddenly took off. I would have loved to race them to the finish but my legs wouldn't go any faster.

Though I can't complain about my time at all. It's a new PR for me by 47 seconds. I haven't run a 5K since Thanksgiving and I haven't really done any speedwork so I'm pleased with my performance.

The kids thought the whole thing was super cool. Bill was sad to have missed those hours of sleep, but didn't grumble at all. Thanks sweetie!

If you know us, then you know our day didn't end there. I'm pooped so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what we did this afternoon! Good night!

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